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An investment, a vision.

"We are a stage where science meets entrepreneurship, where revolutionary ideas come to life and begin to define the future. In every dream of ours lies a story of courage, audacity, and vision.

Supporting a startup is more than just an investment: it is a chapter in a narrative of progress and discovery in the Life Sciences.

In each of our affiliated companies, we see the potential to forge new paths and the opportunity to be part of a story that is still writing its most significant moments."

Startups/SMEsBio4Dreams' quoteBio4Dreams' investment (k€)Bio4Dreams' quote value (k€)MultiplierDuration (years)
4F Biotech14,2%86486
Euleria Health13,5%2899293,24
Beep Factory50,0%25251<1
Data update: 31/12/2023 / ↑ ongoing capital increase

Join our dream.

Investing in Bio4Dreams represents a significant contribution to the development of youth entrepreneurship, the enhancement of local innovation, and the support of high-potential startups on a global scale.

A commitment to foster not only the national scientific and technological ecosystem but also the cultural and professional growth of young talents.

Furthermore, the investment offers interesting economic benefits* and guarantees access to our community of investor shareholders. This grants a steady flow of investment opportunities in promising SMEs and startups and to benefit from the same economic conditions as Bio4Dreams and the opportunity to join partial exits.


ELITE Accreditation

Since April 2024, Bio4Dreams is part of the Elite network, an international business-support and capital-raising program by Borsa Italiana.
A first step towards our IPO planned for the end of 2025.

ESG committment, a future for all.

At the heart of Bio4Dreams beats a strong ESG commitment: we promote innovation in the healthcare and Life Sciences sectors for global well-being and health, with a particular focus on SDG* 3, 5, 8 and 17.

We support gender equality, employing more than 60% of women in our team, and value work-life balance through tailored welfare and career paths, especially for the youth.

We are building an ecosystem for the sustainable development of startups, empowering investors to embrace our vision of progress and discovery and to join our journey towards the future.

* SDG - Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations

Last investments.

Beep Factory

  • Affiliated
Beep Factory provides support in prototyping devices and instruments in the Life Sciences and bioengineering fields.
💼 Contact person: Alessandro Mansutti, CEO
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  • Medical Devices
  • Affiliated
  • Incubated
Evotion develops health monitoring devices. The first one is Momi, a bracelet for monitoring health parameters in children up to 5 years old.
💼 Contact person: Alessio Pietracupa, CEO & Co-Founder
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  • Medical Devices
  • Affiliated
Route21 is a one-stop-shop for preclinical activities, from discovery to first in human.
💼 Contact person: Vladimir Kocsubej, CEO
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  • Biotech Services
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